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Don’t Feed the Animals

Beginning June 1, the Town will prohibit individuals from “[feeding] any wildlife on a regular or continuous basis” on private, town-owned & public property. Read more.

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Together We Tee Program Aims to Increase Inclusivity in Golf

This upcoming summer, the Manchester Country Club in collaboration with the Town of Manchester’s Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation will be offering a new opportunity for local parents or guardians and their children to learn golf while relationship-building and establishing a life-long activity they can share together.

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COVID-19 Has Heightened Inequities in Manchester

Collectively, the world has felt the devastating impacts that have been caused by COVID-19. From hospitals running out of space to treat patients to families having to navigate the world in the wake of losing loved ones, the wreckage from this pandemic will haunt us for years to come. Read More.

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The Realities of High School

This is the third entry in a three-part series entitled How a Pandemic Changed Learning, which is focused on how COVID-19 has impacted local schools and how the affected have adapted to overcome new challenges. The series will focus on three of the most heavily-impacted groups in our schools: teachers, students & their parents. Read More!

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Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Goes Beyond Black History Month

Following the summer of 2020, which was one of the most socially-active years ever documented in the history of the United States, people’s desire to help marginalized communities expanded tremendously. The whole nation was looking to support black-owned businesses, which was evident through Google’s reported 7000% increase in the search category “black-owned” from 2019.

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Parenting Through Uncertainty

This is the second entry in a three-part series entitled How a Pandemic Changed Learning, which is focused on how COVID-19 has impacted local schools and how the affected have adapted to overcome new challenges. The series will focus on three of the most heavily-impacted groups in our schools: teachers, students & their parents.

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Birthing a Legacy’ MLK Mural Inspires Local Community

The recently painted ‘Birthing a Legacy’ Mural at Manchester’s Mahoney Center has been catching the attention of people across the state. On this past Martin Luther King Jr. Day, news stations flocked to see the beautiful, complete mural after a weekend of hard work and late nights by artist Ben Keller.

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Teaching In a Remote World

During an average school year, teaching can be difficult enough. Even in the best of times, teaching is full of early mornings, scrambling to manage dozens of hormonal students and long weekends packed with grading coursework. It is a job that is uniformly underappreciated, as society often fails to acknowledge the many sacrifices that teachers make to provide a quality education.

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Fostering Connections

Volunteerism has been a historic part of American civic life, offering a way for people to reach out and serve others, helping to strengthen and build important ties across communities.

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Stay Safe, Stay Home: Winter Storm Safety

The first true nor’easter snow storm of the season has already come and gone, leaving behind nearly a foot of snow and a chill in the air. While snowfall in Manchester brings many fun opportunities for children to break out their snowsuits and sleds, snow storms also come with a wide range of risks both at home and out on the roads.

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2021 Winter/Spring Program and Event Guide

With the start of the December month, 2020 is beginning to come to a close and 2021 is on the horizon. After the seemingly insurmountable challenges culminating this year, 2021 stands as a beacon of hope and as a fresh start for many.

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Senior Center Adapts to a New Normal

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on communities throughout the globe, but one demographic in particular has been hit the hardest. According to the CDC, the risk for severe illness from COVID-19 increases with age with older adults at highest risk.

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Celebrate Halloween the Safe Way

Halloween. The spooky and fun-filled autumn holiday comes once a year, and this time round it comes with a whole lot of questions. Children and families all across the country who celebrate Halloween have been left wondering how to do so during a pandemic or if there are even any options for celebrating safely.

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Trick or Treat for Our Parks

Calling all those who enjoy trick or treating and care about the future of the Manchester community! On Saturday, October 24th from 9:00-11:00 AM the Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation will be hosting Trick or Treat for Our Parks, an event taking place across town at four separate locations.

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Planning for the Future of Our Parks, Trails, and Facilities

After all of the ups and downs of 2020, it is difficult to even begin to imagine what the future will look like, let alone plan for it. While present challenges deserve attention, envisioning the future and taking steps toward that vision is essential to maintaining hope and building a better community for future generations. Read More!

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Change Can Be Hard

It is safe to say that 2020 has not been the year we anticipated. The start of a new decade is bound to bring about change, but the historic moments and challenges that have faced us this year have led to the need for significantly greater change.

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Parkade Development Moving Quickly

By now almost all of Manchester’s residents (and residents of others towns) have heard the news of the town approving a plan to develop the blighted Broad Street Parkade.  Manchester Board of Directors made the decision unanimously in early August.

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Seamless pattern with abstract silhouettes of people protesting against racism and police brutality. Poster says: black lives matter, no police brutality, can't breathe.

Racism is a Public Health Crisis in Manchester

The Black Lives Matter protests currently sweeping the country have been labeled by many as part of the new civil rights movement. This broader national movement has brought long-needed change with it, from the removal of statues honoring racist figureheads to police reform and policy change.

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Your Voice Matters

I’m not from Manchester. That feels like a good place to start before diving into what is going to be (spoiler alert) a pretty honest conversation about communication in this town. I might not be from here, but I am proud to be here.

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BLM Protests at Center of Main and Center Street in Manchester CT

Black Lives Matter – Next Steps

Protests in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement have taken place around the world, across the United States, and even Manchester, CT. With protests appearing to have peaked on Juneteenth, what happens now?

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Farmer's market poster with people selling and shopping at walking street, organic fruits and vegetables, cartoon flat design.

Spruce Street Market Opens July 1st

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly all aspects of daily life, especially weekly trips to the grocery store. Trying to avoid crowds, find all the items needed, and stay safe has made these grocery trips all the more stressful. Luckily, there is another option

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Bottle left in the woods

Trash Talk

I may not be able to define trash but I know it when I see it. For most of us, this expression probably rings true. Beer cans, plastic bottles and other plastic debris have no place in our woods and around our public spaces, that much we can agree on.

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Fireworks at Night

As Illegal Fireworks Increase, Manchester Community Members Impacted

As a result of the boredom of quarantine and the cancellation of Manchester’s 4th of July Fireworks, many have been setting off their own leading to a rise in complaints. This has been occurring not only in Manchester, but across the country. New York Daily News reported that fireworks complaints had skyrocketed in New York City, with some blaming them on quarantine boredom.

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Summer Program Header Image

A Socially Distant Summer Season

So here we are in June, I know it’s hard to imagine. In the event that you have been asleep since March let me bring you up to speed. April and May quit on us you guys, pure and simple. They just quietly slipped out the back door while we were all still watching Tiger King, and who can blame them really.

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COVID-19 Illustration

Equity in a Time of COVID

Though states around the country are slowly reopening, the impact of COVID-19 still affects us all, some more than others. Studies have shown that there are significant health and social disparities among ethnic and racial minority groups and those at lower income levels.

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change collaborative of manchester logo

Prevention Week 2020

Our local coalition, Change Collaborative of Manchester, and youth campaign, FACTS, are excited to share the work that has been done in the Town of Manchester over the past five years.

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Manchester youth in school learning by Paul Ofria

Why Race Matters in Manchester

Race matters. It matters everywhere and certainly here in Manchester, affecting things that are sometimes obvious and often subtle and all sorts of things in between.

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