Activities for Physical Health


It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes, but keeping our bodies healthy and happy is so important! Here you’ll find a variety of physical health activities chosen from our contributors that you can do in the comfort of your own home.
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Manchester Youth Bike Safety Rodeo

A FREE youth bike safety course on Saturday, June 12th just for Manchester residents ages 5 to 12. This hour long course will teach kids everything from proper helmet fitting, bike safety checks, obstacle avoidance, start and stopping, signaling, and much more! Registration required. Presented by Webster Bank, the Hartford Marathon Foundation, Bike Walk Bolton, and the Town of Manchester.

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Meet the Community “Y” Personal Trainers

Are you still trying to start off your New Year’s resolution? Are you looking for a quiet and safe setting to work out in? Do you have questions on how to start a workout plan? Well, here at the Community Y Fitness Center we can make all of these accommodations for you.

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Group of men and women practicing at the ballet barre

Barre and More

Sometimes the moment is right to shake off the dust, get out of your comfort zone and try something totally new. Maybe Barre and More is the class you need to shake up your fitness routine.

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Water Safety Tips

The weather has turned warmer and many of us are beginning to think about finding ways to beat the heat. A favorite past time for kids of all ages is swimming.

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Painted Rocks

Find a Rock, Share a Rock

If you haven’t already noticed painted rocks on the hiking trails around town, now is a great time to keep your eyes peeled as the weather warms up and more people hide little treasures to find. Curious about participating?

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OurParks Virtual Village Series

Join Town of Manchester Recreation Division, Nature Explorer ‘Virtual Village” Video Series with our Rec on the Run Coordinator, Elizabeth MacDonald for fun, engaging, informative, and education videos steps from the front door. These videos are geared for children, youth and adults and will provide a respite to those looking for nature based programs, activities and ideas!

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person smiling with their fist up

Quarantine Workout: Give Yourself Some Grace!

Latasha Raineault is not only a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but also a mother of two children under the age of five. She created an Instagram page (@momstrongforlife) to document her postpartum journey and share her clinical knowledge with the masses.

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illustration of night sky with moon and bird flying above trees

Sleep Tips: Steps for a Better Night’s Rest

As a college student approaching finals season, there’s one thing I’m certainly not getting enough of: sleep. Between procrastinating my English literature essay and stress-eating spoonfuls of peanut butter, how am I expected to get a full 8 hours?

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old couple stretching their legs and smiling outside

Gardening & Exercise

As we embark on the Spring weather many of us are looking to get outside and beautify our yards. It’s an easy enough task to incorporate exercise into your gardening routine.

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Activities for Physical Health

Activities for Physical Health ?It’s hard to stay motivated sometimes, but keeping our bodies healthy and happy is so important! Here you’ll find a variety

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