our parks proudly presents Nature Explorers

Virtual Village

Check out our new “Virtual Village” Video Series and stay connected with our OurParks!

Under the umbrella of the Rec on the Run Program, the Recreation Division launched the Nature Explorer Program modeled after the NRPA Wildlife Explorers Program to connect disconnected youth to nature.

This nature program provides children and families the opportunity to explore nature, gain knowledge through creative and science-based activities, and learn how to be stewards of Our Parks, trails, and green spaces!

While we can’t gather together now – we hope you’ll enjoy our  new Virtual Village Series on YouTube!


Nature Explorer Team

Welcome to Nature Explorers Virtual Village

Welcome! This is the first video in our series, exploring the outdoors using your senses.

Listening Like a Deer!

Welcome! Come join us as we explore listening in the outdoors by pretending to be deer. What can you hear?

Seeing Like an Owl!

Let’s exploring the outdoors with our senses. Come join us as we explore how to see our surroundings like an owl, and even learn more about your peripheral vision.

Feeling It! Using Touch in the Outdoors

In this video, let’s explore the outdoors with our senses. Come join us as we explore the natural world with a fun game all about touch!


Join us as we explore scent by making homemade bath fizzies using pantry ingredients and learn more about how herbs help us in our everyday lives


Let’s use our senses in nature. Learn how to do a taste test of herbs in your own home! Perfect rainy day activity!