Quarantine Workout: Give Yourself Some Grace!

Latasha Raineault is not only a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but also a mother of two children under the age of five. She created an Instagram page (@momstrongforlife) to document her postpartum journey and share her clinical knowledge with the masses. While Latasha shares her progress, workouts, tips as a DPT and pictures of her beautiful girls, she promotes patience, grace and self-love above all else. I had the privilege of knowing Latasha as a kind, outgoing fellow cheerleader growing up in Ellington, CT and spoke with her this week about working out at home during this chaotic time in history:

“This COVID crisis has so many of you attempting to be productive working from home, while my home schooling, parenting and trying to get everything else done at the same time…all while staying sane. It is IMPOSSIBLE to be successful in all capacities so PLEASE…cut yourself some slack!!! When it comes to fitness, I’ve found adopting a ‘something is better than nothing’ mentality sets me up for success and better consistency. Sure, I love when I can get in a long sweat sesh that leaves me breathless on the garage floor, but I also celebrate a quick circuit that I can get my body moving for a few rounds. […] Quarantine life brings enough stress; don’t make moving your body add to that. “

I hope you can all take Latasha’s advice to heart and try not to put too much pressure on yourselves. Keeping our bodies moving is so important to our physical and mental health, but please remember that staying healthy also includes giving yourself some grace. She was generous enough to take the time to post an at-home routine which anybody who feels like today is a good day to get moving can do without equipment of any kind. Click the link to check out her page which includes her latest post (4/15/2020) with circuit details and a video which features her youngest cutie!

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