Power Walking for Better Health

The pandemic changed so much for all of us including how we move. As the Recreation Division began planning for summer fitness programming, we had to rethink how to offer fitness and movement activities. One of our long-time fitness instructor, Miriam Jones, came up with a great alternative for group fitness- Power Walking. Now if you remember back in the spring, everyone was walking or hiking, it was about the only thing TO do, but many of us were walking alone.

Miriam was interested in offering a group power walk class where participants could increase their physical fitness, while engaging in some socially distant connection with others. The class was hit. The group would meet at the Porter Street parking lot and depending on the day, might walk East, heading towards Bolton Notch or West, down towards Main Street.

 The group improved their mile pace from 19:00 minute miles at the beginning, to under 16:00 minutes by the end. Way to go!!

The Recreation Division will be offering this class again this fall so if you are interested in joining a fun group, moving your body and improving your overall fitness, then consider Power Walking. The class will be held on Fridays, beginning October 2.

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