In the spring of 2021, Better Manchester launched its Perspectives in Righting tab, a space dedicated to “exploring and delving into topics such as diversity, equity and inclusion.”
Critical Race Theory. These three words and their actual meaning have both divided and rocked our nation.
The Federal Communications Commission is now requiring text messages sent to the number 988 to be routed to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, expanding access to the critical 24/7 national hotline, according to Veronica Stracqualursi of CNN.
On a national level, the suicide rates are increasing among Black girls, according to The New York Times. In the latest study from the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, it reported that “that just over 1,800 Black children died by suicide between 2003 and 2017, and while most of the deaths were among boys, especially those ages 15 to 17, the gender gap is narrowing.”
In case you haven’t heard, the world of Indigenous-made media continues to expand in all the best ways. Native films, filmmakers and other creatives have all steadily increased in quantity and cultural awareness over the past couple decades, particularly in the past ten years.
I Wish You Knew: The LatinX/Hispanic Experience is a never-before-seen look into the lives of the historically-silenced LatinX population of Manchester, Connecticut.
Today’s Black and Brown girls are facing incredibly turbulent times. From navigating a pandemic, working to continue their education, mental health struggles, bullying and systemic racism and sexism, it is more important than ever before for them to have safe spaces to express their full selves.
As LGBTQ+ History Month draws to a close, it is important to know how you can be an ally to the community in the future, especially as a parent.
LatinX/Hispanic Heritage Month is a time of retrospection for many people, an opportunity to reflect on their cultural values and traditions.
Founded in 1994, LGBT+ History Month is celebrated each October, which commemorates the strength, bravery and perseverance of America’s LGBT+ community and their fight for a more inclusive world for all.
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