Though states around the country are slowly reopening, the impact of COVID-19 still affects us all, some more than others. Studies have shown that there are significant health and social disparities among ethnic and racial minority groups and those at lower income levels.
Our local coalition, Change Collaborative of Manchester, and youth campaign, FACTS, are excited to share the work that has been done in the Town of Manchester over the past five years.
Most people by now have been practicing social distancing, but many forget when they are outdoors.  Warmer weather brings out groups to local parks to work out or enjoy the sun - read more about the "WalktheWalk" Neighborhood Walking Guide.
The Manchester community is banding together to support local businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Several initiates are underway encouraging residents to shop in downtown Manchester including - Chalkbombing!
Just when I thought I was getting used to the constant stress of a 24 hour news cycle, this happens...
Race matters. It matters everywhere and certainly here in Manchester, affecting things that are sometimes obvious and often subtle and all sorts of things in between.
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