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Celebrating Women Who Tell Our Stories

Not that it wouldn’t become obvious to the reader only shortly after diving into this article, but nonetheless, I think that it is important to address that as a male author of an article that is going to attempt to highlight the tremendous effort, resilience, and leadership displayed by a number of my fellow co-workers

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Meet The Team: Shakir Leacock

One of the newest members of the YSB team, Shakir Leacock, brings with him to the position nearly a decade of direct service experience with underrepresented and marginalized youth populations, but also a refreshingly simple outlook that helps him connect with his new audience in as real a way as possible.

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Don’t Be Left Out of the Next 200 Years of History

Each of us, no matter how small our footprint on the world may seem, has a unique story to tell. Our actions each day, the decisions we make, the relationships we keep all have a way of echoing throughout the ages, our time spent in one place lingering on like fingerprints on a clean window, reminders that the streets and neighborhoods we occupy now were occupied once before.

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Slowed But Not Stalled

As a Recreation Supervisor within the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation, I have been fortunate enough to be a contributor to a program and service line that makes an honest effort at serving families and members within the community.

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World Central Kitchen Is Filling More Than Empty Stomachs

Cataclysmic events the world over seem to happen with far more regularity than they did when I was younger. Knowing much of this is the result of a 24 hour news cycle, increased access to information and the advent of technologies that force the would be eyewitness to assume the role of journalist, or even the reluctant wartime correspondent.

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