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Slowed But Not Stalled

As a Recreation Supervisor within the Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation, I have been fortunate enough to be a contributor to a program and service line that makes an honest effort at serving families and members within the community.

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World Central Kitchen Is Filling More Than Empty Stomachs

Cataclysmic events the world over seem to happen with far more regularity than they did when I was younger. Knowing much of this is the result of a 24 hour news cycle, increased access to information and the advent of technologies that force the would be eyewitness to assume the role of journalist, or even the reluctant wartime correspondent.

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Manchester Announces Grant-Giving Program for 2023 Bicentennial

Manchester has launched planning efforts for its 2023 Bicentennial Celebration. This year long celebration will consist of a variety of opportunities to remember the past, celebrate the present, and dream about the future. Festivities will include historical and educational programs, special events, and commemorative projects.

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A Celebration of Hope & Heritage

September 15th marks the start of Hispanic Heritage Month, a celebration in recognition of the contributions to society, and culture of the more than 62 million Americans who claim Hispanic heritage.

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Bottle left in the woods

Trash Talk

I may not be able to define trash but I know it when I see it. For most of us, this expression probably rings true. Beer cans, plastic bottles and other plastic debris have no place in our woods and around our public spaces, that much we can agree on.

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Summer Program Header Image

A Socially Distant Summer Season

So here we are in June, I know it’s hard to imagine. In the event that you have been asleep since March let me bring you up to speed. April and May quit on us you guys, pure and simple. They just quietly slipped out the back door while we were all still watching Tiger King, and who can blame them really.

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