With New Year’s Day approaching, it comes time to once again reflect on the past year and look toward the future. This past year, we have faced the harsh realities of living during a worldwide pandemic and the great loss that has come with it. From the challenges of shutdowns and quarantine to the widespread fear and division faced in 2020–what have we learned?
Every Thanksgiving, after we have stuffed our stomachs with food and shared laughter with loved ones, we begin to mentally prepare for Black Friday. People line up and flood the stores in search of the best deals and bargains. Americans focus so much on finding a great deal in stores that they don’t realize the other holiday taking place the day after Thanksgiving: Native American Heritage Day. In fact, the whole month of November is devoted to Native American Heritage.
Being Latino in America, I received two kinds of education: the national curriculum and my cultural values. Growing up through the Manchester school system, I was taught about all the important figures and events in US history that molded America.
Every morning since March 24th, our Town Troubadour Bill Ludwig has performed a song at the break of dawn live to his chickens. Find out why & get involved!
The Galleries @ WORK_SPACE are showcasing the creative work of Veterans and their family members (ages 18+) in its Veterans Art of All Kinds exhibit which will be on display from Friday, August 21st thru Saturday, September 26, 2020 at 903 Main Street in Downtown Manchester, CT.
The recent events and mobilization of unified voices and demonstrations across our community and the nation are hardly a reflection of some new issue.
The first time I had an honest, productive conversation about racism and the issue of police brutality in the United States was my sophomore year at Manchester High School during an English class. It was a roundtable discussion known by many high school students as a “Socratic Seminar.” This particular conversation was held in response to the 2015 Baltimore protests following the death of Freddie Gray, who was killed while being transported in a police vehicle.
I met a remarkable young man who has a heart of gold and is taking a unique approach to serving his community. Read More!
On the eve of 2020, if you had told me that within two and a half months, society would come to a screeching halt and I, along with millions of others, would be confined to my home, I would’ve thought you were insane.
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