High school was only a mere five years ago for me, but it feels like a distant memory. I remember running track after school every day, eating spicy chicken patties for lunch, and always being late to my first period history class.
The COVID pandemic has given us renewed appreciation for the heroes around us. 108 years ago, a teacher from Manchester stepped forward during a crisis and became a hero.
RiseUP is thrilled to be partnering with Manchester to install the Civil Rights Mural on the side of the Leisure Lab at the Mahoney Center.
We placed a call for artist to submit a poem that reflected on what black history means to them. We have complied a few of our submissions that encompasses some of our community voices.
If you’ve read any of Tim Ferriss’ recent books or listened to his podcast, you’ll know fear setting is a common motif. It’s a concept he explores with many of his podcast guests. Ferris credits the fear-setting exercise as one of the main reasons he’s been able to thrive in high stress environments.
R. Alan Brooks discusses his struggle to pursue art when faced with forces that wanted him to be more practical. Little did they know... Read More!
With New Year’s Day approaching, it comes time to once again reflect on the past year and look toward the future. This past year, we have faced the harsh realities of living during a worldwide pandemic and the great loss that has come with it. From the challenges of shutdowns and quarantine to the widespread fear and division faced in 2020–what have we learned?
Every Thanksgiving, after we have stuffed our stomachs with food and shared laughter with loved ones, we begin to mentally prepare for Black Friday. People line up and flood the stores in search of the best deals and bargains. Americans focus so much on finding a great deal in stores that they don’t realize the other holiday taking place the day after Thanksgiving: Native American Heritage Day. In fact, the whole month of November is devoted to Native American Heritage.
Being Latino in America, I received two kinds of education: the national curriculum and my cultural values. Growing up through the Manchester school system, I was taught about all the important figures and events in US history that molded America.
Every morning since March 24th, our Town Troubadour Bill Ludwig has performed a song at the break of dawn live to his chickens. Find out why & get involved!
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