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Supporting Local Supports Manchester’s History

It’s a Friday night and you’re looking for something to eat-where do you go? You’re building a birdhouse and need some more nails-where can you get them? You’ve washed a shirt too many times and need to buy a new one-who has you covered? The answer is surprisingly the same for all of these questions: your favorite local business.

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The Importance of Learning to Swim This Summer

As the hot weather arrives and the summer approaches, the pools begin to open. Manchester is no stranger to having an exciting and accessible pool program so everyone has the chance to cool down on the hot summer days. Read More!

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Is the Day of Silence Being Silenced?

High school was only a mere five years ago for me, but it feels like a distant memory. I remember running track after school every day, eating spicy chicken patties for lunch, and always being late to my first period history class.

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Black History Month Reflection Poems Submission

To celebrate Black History Month, the Neighborhoods and Families Division would like to observe February as a month of reflection. Without our complicated past , we would not be able to have
our present or have a future that is even brighter than today.

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Supporting Black-Owned Businesses Goes Beyond Black History Month

Following the summer of 2020, which was one of the most socially-active years ever documented in the history of the United States, people’s desire to help marginalized communities expanded tremendously. The whole nation was looking to support black-owned businesses, which was evident through Google’s reported 7000% increase in the search category “black-owned” from 2019.

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November 27th

Every Thanksgiving, after we have stuffed our stomachs with food and shared laughter with loved ones, we begin to mentally prepare for Black Friday. People line up and flood the stores in search of the best deals and bargains. Americans focus so much on finding a great deal in stores that they don’t realize the other holiday taking place the day after Thanksgiving: Native American Heritage Day. In fact, the whole month of November is devoted to Native American Heritage.

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History & Hispanic Heritage are One in One

Being Latino in America, I received two kinds of education: the national curriculum and my cultural values. Growing up through the Manchester school system, I was taught about all the important figures and events in US history that molded America.

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National Hispanic Heritage Month celebrated from 15 September to 15 October USA. Latino American ornament vector

Hispanic Heritage Month

The Town of Manchester Department of Leisure, Family, and Recreation honors and celebrates Hispanic history and culture with National Hispanic Heritage Month from September 15 – October 15.

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