Black History Month Poetry Submissions


I know who I am, I seek you Lord the African American Gem.
That is what I will be when you are finished.
I’m on the Potter’s Wheel.
diamond in the rough.
African American, black, brown, beige, tan full of that Holy ghost stuff.
Praise is what I do to seek and search for you.
African American by design, My Lord there’s many shades of my kind.
I would never want to be any other that’s a fact.
Black, brown, beige, tan is where it’s at.
February is the month to give us glory,
I’m black 365 days out of the year that’s the moral of this story.
A single month can’t define who I am.
But it’s the way that I walk.
The song that I sang.
The voice I lift up.
The shout that I praise.
Just say it loud I’m black and I’m proud.

By C. M. Douglas


To me, Black History is all history.
No need to make a month of it due to America’s infamy,
Backwards thinking like it’s for justice and liberty,
Many people are unknown, advancements of the mystery.
February is a month dear to my heart,
Born the same day as the great Rosa Parks,
The more I learn about the past the more I feel a spark,
Black is beautiful from the light to the dark
I’m grateful for the people who allowed us to unite
The ones that stood ground and didn’t give up on the fight
Although these issues still appear through modern days and nights
I think of Kendrick Lamar saying “We gon be alright”

By Jakob Lopez

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