Activities for Mental Health


Mental health impacts our behaviors and emotions. When we care for our mental health, we improve the way we think, feel, and act. Here you’ll find a variety of mental health resources chosen from our contributors to help you care for your own mental health.
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No Words

I tried and tried to write about racial justice today, about the agony of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (and so many others). I tried to write about the importance of the demonstrations, protests and marches sweeping Manchester, sweeping Connecticut, sweeping the United States and the whole world.

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Bleak Days

I am not a person of faith—I am an atheist. But these days I am trying to find comfort in the following prayer: God, grant me the serenity… Read More!

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Teens Sleep Better, Later

I work with teenagers and I live with teenagers. These days I talk with young people on Zoom and by phone every day, and – like all of us – they are OVER this pandemic.

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Moving Your Legs for Fun and Profit

Yesterday was windy and cold — really, this is MAY???!! — and I just wanted to stay inside. Of course, I had no place to go. No driving my kid to school, no going into work. Enough food in the house. Movies are closed. Can’t visit friends.

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Prevention Project Recap

A prevention timeline video that highlights the achievements of the Manchester Change Collaborative throughout the years. Please take a moment to review our accomplishments and see all the work that is being done in our community.  Our coalition and youth campaign appreciate all the support from the Town of Manchester and its residents—all which led us here!

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Mentally Healthy

I sometimes wish there were a thermometer I could just stick in my mouth – or my husband’s mouth, or my kids’ – that could easily read their mental health. Especially these days; there is fear, there is stress, there is sadness – are we mentally healthy?

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OurParks Virtual Village Series

Join Town of Manchester Recreation Division, Nature Explorer ‘Virtual Village” Video Series with our Rec on the Run Coordinator, Elizabeth MacDonald for fun, engaging, informative, and education videos steps from the front door. These videos are geared for children, youth and adults and will provide a respite to those looking for nature based programs, activities and ideas!

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MVPP COVID Community Check-in Survey

The Manchester Vernon Prevention Partnership (MVPP) is a collaboration between the Vernon ROCKS Coalition and the Change Collaborative of Manchester that aims to expand substance abuse prevention efforts for young people in the towns of Vernon and Manchester. The MVPP is asking that you take a 5-minute survey to share your thoughts and experiences related to how the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting your individual and family well-being.

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Reach Out

During this difficult time we find ourselves reaching out to family and friends more than ever. When we are directed to maintain physical distance, naturally we desperately search for ways to connect digitally.

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Class of 2020

In February, my younger son, Gus, went to school at Cheney Tech one day, and was pulled out of class for a cap and gown fitting. “Some ‘fitting’,” he chuckled that night. “I wrote down my own height and weight, and gave them thirty-five dollars.” I wonder if he’ll be getting a refund.

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Supporting Young Children’s Emotional Awareness at Home Through Play

How do you support young children and their mental health through this tremendously different and unusual time? The first thought that comes to mind is having empathy, or understanding how they are feeling and responding appropriately. But what if your child is too young to really
understand their emotions, where do you start then?

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people petting a dog

Pet Pandemic

I was never a little girl who dreamed of horses or cooed over cats or begged for a puppy. But a couple of years ago, a little gray stray cat needed temporary shelter before a blizzard.

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Activities for Mental Health

Activities for Mental Health ? Mental health impacts our behaviors and emotions. When we care for our mental health, we improve the way we think, feel,

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