Pet Pandemic

I was never an animal person.

I was never a little girl who dreamed of horses or cooed over cats or begged for a puppy. But a couple of years ago, a little gray stray cat needed temporary shelter before a blizzard. I took her home on a Friday — and fell in love with her by Monday. She gained a ‘brother’ a month later. Al Purrchino and Meowrl Streep are now full-fledged family members. In this time of social isolation, our animals are more important then ever. They can take the hugs we can no longer give to our loved ones. They can motivate us to get up and get out for a walk. Pets can be a big boost to our emotional health. Even if you don’t have a pet of your own — Youtube videos of kooky dogs and dancing parrots can make you laugh.

Or think about finding your old teddy bear, and give it a hug….

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