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Our Community

Candlelight vigil to support Electoral College

EIC Message

The recent events and mobilization of unified voices and demonstrations across our community and the nation are hardly a reflection of some new issue.

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Town Updates

featured story.

Farmer's market poster with people selling and shopping at walking street, organic fruits and vegetables, cartoon flat design.

Spruce Street Market Opens July 1st

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed nearly all aspects of daily life, especially weekly trips to the grocery store. Trying to avoid crowds, find all the items needed, and stay safe has made these grocery trips all the more stressful. Luckily, there is another option

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past featured stories.

Bottle left in the woods

Trash Talk

I may not be able to define trash but I know it when I see it. For most of us, this expression probably rings true. Beer cans, plastic bottles and other plastic debris have no place in our woods and around our public spaces, that much we can agree on.

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Fireworks at Night

As Illegal Fireworks Increase, Manchester Community Members Impacted

As a result of the boredom of quarantine and the cancellation of Manchester’s 4th of July Fireworks, many have been setting off their own leading to a rise in complaints. This has been occurring not only in Manchester, but across the country. New York Daily News reported that fireworks complaints had skyrocketed in New York City, with some blaming them on quarantine boredom.

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Water Safety Tips

The weather has turned warmer and many of us are beginning to think about finding ways to beat the heat. A favorite past time for kids of all ages is swimming.

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Painted Rocks

Find a Rock, Share a Rock

If you haven’t already noticed painted rocks on the hiking trails around town, now is a great time to keep your eyes peeled as the weather warms up and more people hide little treasures to find. Curious about participating?

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Black lives matter hand drawn poster, card collection. Hashtag blm stylised set. Black and white hands together concept. Campaign against racial discrimination of dark skin color. Vector Illustration.

No Words

I tried and tried to write about racial justice today, about the agony of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor (and so many others). I tried to write about the importance of the demonstrations, protests and marches sweeping Manchester, sweeping Connecticut, sweeping the United States and the whole world.

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