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The Tiny Podcast
The Tiny Podcast
Tiny Podcast Episode One, Interview with Ryan Parker (Audio)

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Tiny Podcast Episode One, Interview with Ryan Parker (Audio)

Tiny Podcast Episode One, Interview with Ryan Parker (Audio)

Listen to the first episode of the Tiny Podcast featuring Town Poet Laureate, Ryan Parker

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About the show

Tiny Podcast is a multi-media podcast/vlog that engages the Manchester community in different ways. Episode content will range from general news, such as upcoming/current community events, club activities, celebrations, and more.

The Tiny Podcast also highlights local artists who exhibit in the Tiny Gallery at Northwest Park.

The Tiny Podcast is a great way to give the community a fun way to receive community information, something to look forward to every other week! 

Meet the Host

Ryan Ward

Ryan has been with the Town of Manchester since 2020 when he began handing out art activity boxes for Rec on the Run. Since then, Ryan oversees coordinating the Northwest Park Pavilion, is a Lead Ambassador at the park. Ryan continues to share his passion and gifts with the community and hosts and edits The Tiny Podcast.

He hopes to further engage with the community through this medium of audio and video, making an accessible program capable of showcasing the beautiful diversity of Manchester.

Ryan is a Military Police Veteran who delights in the creation (and consumption) of food, making music, showcased in the podcast, and learning about anything new.

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The Tiny Podcast

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