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LGBTQ+ Mental Health Resources

Pride Month is officially here and communities across the country are coming together to celebrate and recognize the resilience of LGBTQIA+ individuals historically and to this day. Pride Month takes place in June to honor the Stonewall Uprising of June 1969 in New York, NY.

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Stop AAPI Hate: How You Can Be A Part of The Solution

“Incredibly disheartening. Shocking to a degree.” These are the haunting words of Tam Vu, a University of Connecticut student and member of the Vietnamese Student Association, describing her emotions on the recent mass shooting in Atlanta, which took the lives of eight people, six of who were of Asian descent, according to USA Today.

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Is the Day of Silence Being Silenced?

High school was only a mere five years ago for me, but it feels like a distant memory. I remember running track after school every day, eating spicy chicken patties for lunch, and always being late to my first period history class.

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