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International Mother Language Day

If you were to take a stroll down Main Street, what languages would you hear? Certainly English & Spanish, as would be expected in countless towns across the nation. But Manchester specifically? You may hear Bengali and Cantonese, Polish and French, Mandarin and Haitian, Vietnamese and German.

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Pride Month, Rainbow Capitalism & Allyship

Each June, communities across the nation come together in celebration of Pride Month, a month dedicated to honoring and commemorating LGBTQ+ individuals. Its roots have spread to foster a culture of unity & acceptance, attempting to create a culture of yearly celebration, not just limited to 30 days each summer.

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The Unfair Black Woman Double Standard

The internet was set ablaze toward the end of the women’s basketball NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship game on April 2, 2023, when Louisiana State University’s Angel Reese used the “you can’t see me” hand gesture, while pointing at her ring finger to her team’s soon to be championship ring, toward University of Iowa’s Caitlin Clark, according to Forbes.

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