Are you bored? We think we can help with that! Here you’ll find DIY activities, virtual classes, things to do for kids, and more.

The Galleries @ WORK_SPACE are showcasing the Veterans Art of All Kinds exhibit on display from August 21 -September 26, 2020.
The Neighborhoods and Families Division has updated their Community Resource Guide for June.
There are so many things you can do with a paper towel tube! You can use it for a telescope to find buried treasure or for a game of telephone!
The Neighborhoods and Families Division recently published a Community Resource Guide. Find a list of virtual activities & service providers. Read More!
I spend time trying to keep my head above water, as I know many of us are these days. I have made a commitment that each day, I find intentional moments of joy.
Join Town of Manchester Recreation Division, Nature Explorer 'Virtual Village" Video Series with our Rec on the Run Coordinator, Elizabeth MacDonald for fun, engaging, informative, and education videos steps from the front door. These videos are geared for children, youth and adults and will provide a respite to those looking for nature based programs, activities and ideas!
Have some baseball-lovers stuck at home with nothing to do? Well, Major League Baseball has your back. Teams from around the league have posted baseball-themed activities, including coloring pages, crosswords, puzzles and fitness activities.
Living through quarantine with teenagers can prove challenging. Looking for some creative outlets for them other than PS4, Insta, Snapchat and Houseparty?
April 22, 1970 was the 1st ever Earth Day. This was years of environmentally conscious government officials and activists who were desperately concerned about destructive habits and the deteriorating state of the natural world.
How many people have been to a tailgating party and threw an empty beer bottle on the ground? Or threw their cigarettes out the window while driving down the street?
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