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In a world where it’s hard to find moments of joy and positivity, Project Happyvism uses multiple ways to create smiles.
By now almost all of Manchester’s residents (and residents of others towns) have heard the news of the town approving a plan to develop the blighted Broad Street Parkade.  Manchester Board of Directors made the decision unanimously in early August.
Protests in support of the Black Lives Matter Movement have taken place around the world, across the United States, and even Manchester, CT. With protests appearing to have peaked on Juneteenth, what happens now?
Though states around the country are slowly reopening, the impact of COVID-19 still affects us all, some more than others. Studies have shown that there are significant health and social disparities among ethnic and racial minority groups and those at lower income levels.
Most people by now have been practicing social distancing, but many forget when they are outdoors.  Warmer weather brings out groups to local parks to work out or enjoy the sun - read more about the "WalktheWalk" Neighborhood Walking Guide.
On April 14, a new sculpture by the late David Hayes was unveiled in Center Springs Park. The totem sculpture is the perfect addition to the daffodil fields.
The Manchester community is banding together to support local businesses amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Several initiates are underway encouraging residents to shop in downtown Manchester including - Chalkbombing!
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