"Walk the Walk" Promotes Social Distant Physical Fitness

Most people by now have been practicing social distancing, but many forget when they are outdoors.  Warmer weather brings out groups to local parks to work out or enjoy the sun.

As COVID-19 cases are still being diagnosed, it is best to practice social distancing everywhere.  Residents are encouraged to “Walk the Walk” in their own neighborhoods to stay safe.

“There’s a lot you can do right outside your house and on sidewalks,” said Delroy Grindley, fitness coach.

Grindley is used to working out and training clients in gyms and knows the importance of staying active.

“I definitely feel better going outside to catch my breath and get some vitamin D. It definitely can change your mood in a good way,” Grindley said.

Grindley encourages his clients to go for walks around the block, walking lunges, walking with high knees, jumping over the lines of the sidewalk, biking, jogging, and running.

“It would be nice to bring back that sense of community and bring back those neighborly relationships like the old days,” he said.

Walk the Walk Graphic

Learn Your Neighborhood
Most of us are used to driving back and forth to work, meetings, social gatherings, and more. With non-essential businesses closed there’s time to slow down to explore local surroundings.

You can also learn about the people in the neighborhood, like Chris Silver, Director of Leisure, Family and Recreation.

He’s noticed many of his neighbors greet each other and have brief conversations who normally wouldn’t. Those jogging by stop quickly to say hello to neighbors relaxing on their porches.

“It would be nice to bring back that sense of community and bring back those neighborly relationships like the old days,” he said.

Pets and Kids
“You have kids saying they can’t stay in the house one more minute and are tired of looking at screens, believe it or not,” said Silver.

Grindley suggests walking the dog and bringing the kids along for fresh air. However, he also suggests no one pet dogs and to still practice social distancing.

“If I had a pet I wouldn’t let people get too close to pet. Maybe move to the side of the street and let the other person pass by,” he said.

Safety and other tips
Going outside has its health benefits.  Here are some tips to stay healthy while outside.

  • Stay hydrated. Bring a water bottle.
  • Wear a mask or at least have a mask and gloves in your pockets in case you need to go inside a business.
  • Avoid congested areas.
  • Limit screen time while outside to pay better attention to cars and bikes.
  • Have headphones for music and keep at a low enough volume to hear traffic noises.
  • Be courteous and considerate of others space.
  • Wash hands immediately when you get back home and disinfect your phone.
  • Have an accountability partner to check in with and report workouts to.

Find a “Walk the Walk” route for your neighborhood here.  The maps are a guide with suggested routes, not a mandate.

“You can create your own walk,” Silver said.  “We just want to motivate people.”

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