Q&A With: Jessica Bell, Jose Morales

Q: What is your role within the Department of Leisure, Family & Recreation?

Jessica Bell: “I work in the Leisure Labs at Mahoney. I am also a Rec Leader, and at Charter Oak, I am a Co-Lead Park Ambassador.”

Jose Morales: “I am a head Park Ambassador at Charter Oak.”


Q: How long have you worked for the Town of Manchester?

JB: “I have been working here for around five years doing different jobs for the Town.”

 JM: “I have been working here for four years now.”


Q: What drew you to your specific role in the Town of Manchester?

JB: “I feel that working at the park is a unique position. You get to be face to face with the community, and you get to connect with the kids and the families. It’s also an outside space which I enjoy.”

 JM: “Park ambassador role. I can interact with people in the community, intriguing to work with a lot of people.”


Q: What are you trying to achieve in your work?

JB: “I just wanna see the community engage with us and the opportunities that we have for the people of Manchester. It is a great place for people to grow up and express themselves as well as experience things that are beneficial to them. I’m glad we can give them those opportunities and safe spaces.”

 JM: “I want to ensure that everyone has a safe space and a place to go to feel comfort and enjoy themselves.”


Q: What do you find the most rewarding about your work? Any major challenges?

JB: “The most rewarding thing about my job is getting to see the impact me and my coworkers have on the youth and the difference and changes we can make within the community. The youth need good leadership and connections with people and I am happy we can give that to them. With youth that maybe don’t have a supportive family dynamic you may run into challenges with them, but you can be the person to help them grow.”

 JM: “Something that is rewarding is being able to build relationships with people and seeing them come back to do even more. Some patrons can be rowdy but it’s having patience and dealing with a calm demeanor.”

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