How did I never know about salt painting? Easy to do with just a few items you probably have around the house.
Often when we think about taking care of our mental health, we only consider us adults who are always managing a balancing act in life and need concrete ways to take care of who we are such as exercise, mindfulness practices, and even therapy.
Latasha Raineault is not only a Doctor of Physical Therapy, but also a mother of two children under the age of five. She created an Instagram page (@momstrongforlife) to document her postpartum journey and share her clinical knowledge with the masses.
As a college student approaching finals season, there’s one thing I’m certainly not getting enough of: sleep. Between procrastinating my English literature essay and stress-eating spoonfuls of peanut butter, how am I expected to get a full 8 hours?
The Mahoney Recreation Center was looking forward to hosting the Community Youth Art Initiative and the popular "Things" art exhibition this May. Unfortunately as a result of the disruption to the regular school schedule and our junior artists, we will be unable to hold the event this year as planned.
The popular event scheduled for May 9th at Salter's Pond would have been the 43rd Annual Fishing Derby held by the Manchester Recreation Department in collaboration with the Manchester Lion's Club.
As we embark on the Spring weather many of us are looking to get outside and beautify our yards. It's an easy enough task to incorporate exercise into your gardening routine.
All your friends have advice about how to deal this pandemic: keep your head up, eat right, get exercise, connect with friends, get some sleep, and on, and on, and on.... But what about when you're in crisis and need to talk with a professional?
After discussion by the Celebration Manchester Committee (formerly Pride In Manchester Week) a decision was made by the group to cancel this year's event scheduled June 6th through June 13th due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.
Coloring can be a great activity for adults and youth - especially with these great FREE coloring pages. This can be a fun way to fill a rainy afternoon or add a art history lesson to your daily routine.
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