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If you’ve read any of Tim Ferriss’ recent books or listened to his podcast, you’ll know fear setting is a common motif. It’s a concept he explores with many of his podcast guests. Ferris credits the fear-setting exercise as one of the main reasons he’s been able to thrive in high stress environments.
R. Alan Brooks discusses his struggle to pursue art when faced with forces that wanted him to be more practical. Little did they know... Read More!
Looking for the best summer job ever? Then look no further than the Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation. Our Recreation Division is currently hiring for all types of summer jobs.
A short video highlighting Manchester's newest artistic installation sponsored by CT Murals and the Town of Manchester Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation. Artwork by Ben Keller. Video Production by Chris Martin
A Virtual Open-Mic Series held via Zoom on the last Friday of the month (7-8pm) from January through June 2021.
Through clever exercises, fun prompts and proven writing tools, this 3-part creative writing series will provide structure and accountability in a safe and stimulating atmosphere.
Together via Zoom we will watch Sakinah Hofler’s talk on using creative writing as a tool to “bear witness” to your own life. Read More!
The Department of Leisure, Family & Recreation will modify in person programs and facilities hours beginning February 22, 2021.
The Department of Leisure, Family and Recreation is partnering with CT Murals to support sponsored artist, Ben Keller’s vision for a Martin Luther King Jr. tribute mural, "Birthing of a Legacy.” The mural will be installed this weekend on the exterior wall of the Mahoney Recreation Center off Cedar Street in Manchester Connecticut.
With New Year’s Day approaching, it comes time to once again reflect on the past year and look toward the future. This past year, we have faced the harsh realities of living during a worldwide pandemic and the great loss that has come with it. From the challenges of shutdowns and quarantine to the widespread fear and division faced in 2020–what have we learned?
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