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GOOD Vibrations Do a Body Good!

Close your eyes and what you may not realize how the seasonal changes are influencing the amount of energy, stamina, and motivation we may experience throughout the seasonal changes.

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The Tiny Egg Hunt

Visit Northwest Park and have some fun searching for Tiny Golden Eggs and of course the very colorful ones during this special event!

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How do we sense COLOR?

The obvious observation may be that our eyes are the primary sense organs that allow for natural light to enter our bodies. There are however two more doorways that allow for light to make its way into our minds and bodies: Our skin and the air we breathe.

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What is Color?

Color is light. The radiant energy of pure white sunlight nourishes our bodies, our minds, and our souls. Learn More!

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Hunt for the Golden Egg

2021 was a very special year – the appearance of large brilliantly adorned wooden eggs were spotted throughout the Manchester Parks.

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