Storytime With A Firefighter

Due to COVID-19, the Town of Manchester’s Fire Marshal’s Office has created a month-long digital Children’s Fire Safety Program in lieu of their traditional Fire Prevention Week presentations at the Schools & Day Care Facilities.

Each Monday in November, a new video of Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS personnel reading a children’s fire safety book will be posted to the “Manchester Fire-Rescue – EMS Fire Marshal’s” Facebook page.

Manchester’s Fire Marshal’s Office encourages parents to continue the conversation of dangers of fire & teach them about fire safety & prevention after watching these videos.

For parents who may not know how to begin the conversation, the Fire Marshal’s Office recommends considering the following questions:

  • Does your family have a Meeting Place if there is a fire?
  • Does your child know Stop-Drop-Roll?
  • Do they know not to play with matches or lighters?

For questions, suggestions, and/or guidance on ways to teach your child/children about fire prevention and safety, please contact the Fire Marshal’s office directly at (860) 647-3267.

To watch the videos, keep up with Fire Safety & Prevention information, and virtually participate in family friendly activities, please “Follow”, “Like”, and “Share” Manchester Fire-Rescue-EMS
Fire Marshal on Facebook at @MFREMO.

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