Tiny Podcast | Bicentennial Edition | Race & Equity (Audio)

Manchester is one of few towns to have a Race and Equity department within its school system in Connecticut. If the last 200 years have taught us anything, it is that the conversation about equality for all students and individuals is still ongoing, because the problem still exists. Today, Ryan will be talking to the Director of the Department of Race and Equity in Manchester, Diane Kearney, and the Equity Coordinator for Pre-K to Grades 12, Rhonda Philbert in hopes that light will be shed on what challenges are still being faced, and what battles we have won.

Tiny Podcast | Bicentennial Edition | Sports and Recreation (Audio)

Manchester takes great pride in its sports history and culture. From basketball to cricket, Manchester has an incredibly active sports base, and this has been prevalent throughout history. Speaking with Ryan today about Sports and Recreation are Tim O’Neil, Joe Camposeo, and Nate Agostinelli – three gentlemen who helped shape the Sports Hall of Fame for Manchester residents.

Tiny Podcast | Bicentennial Edition | Wartime in Manchester (Audio)

War affects not only the areas of conflict, but the Homefront as well. We are aware of the history of the World Wars and conflicts throughout the years, but not as well versed in what it was like living during/after those times. How communities are affected by war and after war plays a huge role in shaping our society. Here to speak with me about Wartime in Manchester is Paul Scappaticci, a Veteran of the United States military and current DAV liaison.

Tiny Podcast | Bicentennial Edition | Buffalo Soldiers (Audio)

Joining us in this episode is Robert Harris, a veteran, a talented author, and a role model. He’s here to share his insights and knowledge about some of history’s most important and not well-known. Robert will help us understand their contributions and these soldiers’ impact on our country. Join us as we pay tribute and learn about the brave men and women as we honor their service.

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