Tiny Gallery Presents: Marnise Nicole

Not all Fairytales Begin in the Forest

Have you ever wonder why fairytales always seem to start in a forest? Why not in the urban jungle  or right in your own neighborhood?

 A few years ago a young artist happened to submit her work to an exhibit “ART for the Soul” – ART is a tool for healing, a way to just venture into unknown journeys and explore the possibilities. Reflecting back on the opening night of the exhibit, a fairytale of sorts started when this young artist shared a little about her paintings with the gathering in a small gallery in the neighborhood in an old fire house. Her words were not what was expected but opened the door for a journey that has been wonderful to witness.

A different version of the traditional fairytale can be experienced –  the artist can write, paint and dream of fantastical adventures with no limits. You are invited to visit “The Tiny Gallery” – an unexpected little gallery in Northwest Park, Manchester CT where creativity has no boundaries.


Artist Profile

Marnise Nicole is a self-taught Acrylic Painter who creates black art with a bold & colorful impressionistic style. Striving to share her artist journey, check out Artist Diaries , an inside look into her painting process, creative thoughts, and growth as an artist via YouTube. Follow @PaintingByMarnise via TikTok for daily updates!

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