Memories – A Nostalgic Photo Experience

Plant a tiny seed, nurture it, give it a place to take root, and allow it to become more than you imagined. 


The Tiny Gallery is an intimate community-based space located in an unconventional location – Northwest Park. Building #2, from the outside, appears to be nothing more than a garage, a blank canvas where creative ideas sprout and grow into possibilities that will be opening the doors for the 2022 season. 

The community is invited to a very special event on May 18th from 2:30 -5:00  – Karell Velez a Manchester High School senior presents his first solo show featuring his series of photographs.

A student with a dream of becoming a photographer at first seemed only that – a dream. There are those who will let seeds go unplanted and then there are those who will guide, encourage and support the dream of a student to become something more than a statistic. It takes a community to provide the opportunity to explore the necessary steps, tools, and education a student may need to make their dream a reality. A collaboration between teacher, student, parent, and a professional photographer has resulted in opening the door to a world of memories and exploration for one student who may have never had the chance to use his talents and enjoy a lifetime of making his dreams a reality.

The Tiny Gallery was an idea, a dream, and now a space for creative conversations and collaborations.  One tiny seed once planted will grow into amazing and unforgettable experiences, connections, and accomplishments. No seed of an idea is too small to germinate and flourish. We all have gifts and talents that are to be shared with others so that they may learn from what we have grown to know and for them to continue on.

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