Stay Safe, Stay Home: Winter Storm Safety

The first true nor’easter snow storm of the season has already come and gone, leaving behind nearly a foot of snow and a chill in the air. While snowfall in Manchester brings many fun opportunities for children to break out their snowsuits and sleds, snow storms also come with a wide range of risks both at home and out on the roads.

The Manchester General Manager’s Office webpage has been updated to include resources on Winter Storms and Safety in Manchester, including up-to-date information on closings, bans, and emergency announcements. The Town has posted important winter storm safety tips, which include taking steps to prepare for the storm in advance:

  • Prepare your home
  • Pay attention to weather reports
  • Know your winter weather terms
  • Gather supplies in case you need to stay home for several days
  • Create an emergency supply kit for your car or home
  • Learn the signs, and basic treatments, for frostbite and hypothermia

Residents can learn about more steps to take in preparation for winter storms by visiting, a U.S. government website providing guidelines. The Office also emphasized the importance of following road safety tips during winter weather, including:

  • Keep your gas tank full
  • Clear snow on and around your car off before driving
  • Protect your windshield wipers
  • Watch out for icy roads and pavements
  • Exercise greater caution while driving
  • Stay updated on closings, cancellations, and parking bans

The Town of Manchester Department of Public Works has also released a Winter Information Guide, which contains information regarding snow removal, parking bans, and other important information regarding the winter season in Manchester. Owners and occupants of buildings and vacant lots are responsible for removing snow, sleet, and ice from public sidewalks abutting their property within 24 hours after the end of a snow storm.

For any difficulties regarding properties with un-shoveled sidewalks, please report these to the Public Works Department at 860-647-3067 or use the Department’s MARKIT online reporting tool for a quicker response. Other important information covered in the guide is as follows:

  • Please wait until the road has been completely plowed to the curb before shoveling the last 5-10 feet of your driveway, so that less snow from the road will end up in your driveway
  • It is best to place snow on the far side of your driveway away from the direction the plow is traveling (in most cases, the right side of the driveway as you face the road) so that the snow will be carried away from your driveway rather than back into it
  • Do NOT shovel, blow, or plow snow from your driveway into or across the road, as this may lead to accidents


The guide also provides a winter driving checklist and tips, which are essential to preparing for a safe experience driving after a storm. It is best to keep all-season tires on the car and keep a shovel and some sand in the trunk. When driving, allow extra time to reach your destination and maintain a safe distance from plow trucks and other vehicles.

It is essential that Manchester community members come together to prepare for the winter season. In the time of COVID-19, when we are more distanced than ever, it is important to support one another through difficult times, which includes winter storms. Call friends and family to make sure they have heat and are safe. Help your neighbor shovel their driveway at a safe social distance. Be kind and respectful to the plow drivers working long hours to ensure clear and safe roads for the Town.

Although the winter season means darker days and wintery weather conditions, it is also a season that calls for supporting one another. Following winter safety tips, in addition to COVID-19 regulations, will help to keep yourself and others safe and is the best way to show care for the community during these upcoming winter months.

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