To our friends,families, neighbors, and colleagues

Candlelight vigil to support Electoral College

To our friends, families, neighbors, and colleagues,

The recent events and mobilization of unified voices and demonstrations across our community and the nation are hardly a reflection of some new issue. Inequity, injustice, and systemic racism infect the institutions of every community at every level, resulting in a premeditated, unattainable ideal system that serves white people of privilege and disqualifies people of color. This is far from a stain on modern history; this is the entirety of American history.

As members of this community joined arms as allies, in an effort to elevate the voices of the oppressed, we waited on the voices of those in positions of power and were met with silence. That silence effectively demonstrated a lack of opinion, a neutral stance in a time of great injustice. In response, we have stood with our neighbors in solidarity and we have shouted to fill the void left by that silence.

We know that a few days ago, after the community spoke at rallies both large and small, some of the members of our Board of Directors finally chose to issue a statement. While we do appreciate their words, we continue to feel that an opportunity was missed, and their platform was squandered. So to communicate a message, to stand in support; this is what we have to say.

We note that local businesses have been donating refreshments to people amidst a national pandemic, and we greatly thank you for this. An unselfish act of appreciation is something that makes our town a better place. To show our gratitude we will work with these local businesses and organizers to provide supplemental supplies for protest that are easily accessible. We also value our participation and presence of the youth during these times. To express that we are more than an ally alongside our youth organizations we will assist with access to space for youth advocates, cost free, to ensure a constructive space to organize.

In a town rich with assets, we recognize our diversity as our strongest one. We stand with each and every one of our Black, Brown, Indigenous and Afro LatinX neighbors and will continue to elevate your voice to the ears of those in positions of power long after demonstrations have ended and crowds dispersed. We recognize that generations of injustice and structural racism will take generations to undo, and we are up to the task to fight alongside you. As individuals, we are weak, but in numbers, we are strong, so shoulder to shoulder, we stand with you as allies.

-In unity

The members of the Manchester Equity and Inclusion Collaborative

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