One Person Can Do So Much! 

How many people have been to a tailgating party and threw an empty beer bottle on the ground? Or threw their cigarettes out the window while driving down the street? If you have never been this individual, maybe you have been around people who have done this or maybe you have noticed the empty beer bottle on the side of the road or have seen the cigarette laying in the sand at a public beach.

Human health can be negatively influenced through actions such as these. When we are not disposing our beer bottles, liquor bottles, cigarettes, vaping cartridges, etc. properly, we are putting our community, environment, wildlife, and world at a downfall. The more emissions we produce due to how much trash we generate; affects us long term and we can develop diseases that can have a serious impact on the way we live our lives.

However, what is amazing about this is we can change our actions and reverse the way we treat our planet Earth. We can prevent this. So maybe the next time you are at a tailgating party and you see someone drop a bottle to the ground, you can speak up and tell them to throw it in the trash or if you see a burnt cigarette along the beach, you can put some gloves on and throw it away. We must take care of our planet—we are after all, living on it.

Happy Earth Day!

Today is a great day to get outside and enjoy the world and beauty around us. So please, get outside, put a jacket on, and breathe in this April air. As always, keep staying healthy and safe.

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