Well that Escalated Quickly...

Just when I thought I was getting used to the constant stress of a 24 hour news cycle, this happens. Things are moving so quickly that the half-life of information surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic seems to be decreasing at an exponential rate, and well, to be honest, my head is spinning. Wooh! Just needed to get that out there really quickly, and that being said, let me reassure the readers that from here on out, my intention is not to make this article another recap of the current state of this dystopia we find ourselves in.  I mean, honestly, it could be worse.

In this the new era of social distancing, it feels more important than ever to shine the light on the things everyday people are doing to keep our community close. Just the other day, before leaving town for some extended work from home, I noticed something while I was driving down Lydall Street. The sidewalk was chalked in a rainbow of positive affirmations; Esquire and Ambassador Drive were done up as well. Thanks for that, whoever you are.

My hope, maybe more so my expectation, is to have more things like this one to share in the coming weeks. This town lends itself to gathering, which is undoubtedly why it’s so tough for all of us to be told to stay apart. So while we ride the storm out together, please be sure to check this page regularly for updated information on town operations, and also for some really great ideas to help prevent your house from going full on Lord of the Flies over the next few weeks.

Finally, please remember that now more than ever, it’s crucial that we take the advice of our civic leaders, healthcare professionals, and first responders so that we can turn the page on these unprecedented times and get back to what makes Manchester such an awesome place to be. Stay close to home, wash your hands, and remain productive. We can’t wait to see you!

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