Manchester Senior Center Community Survey

The Town has started an exciting project to better understand the needs of older adults in Manchester.  This project seeks to assess the needs of the town, relative to providing a Senior Center that meets the short- and long-term needs of Manchester’s diverse population of older adults.  The town has engaged a consultant, LifeSpan Design, to oversee the project.  Through evaluation and analysis, the consultant will offer guidance to the town, in the way of a comprehensive analytical report, that outlines current and long-term Senior Center facility needs specific to the Town of Manchester and its desire to achieve and maintain services and spaces that promote equity, inclusivity, and growth.   The report will take into consideration current and projected programs, current and projected demographics, community feedback, and all other relevant information. In addition to looking at data and what other communities are doing, the town will work with the consultant to engage the Manchester community. The overall goal of the project is to gain a thorough understanding of Manchester’s unique characteristics, demographics, community needs, and projections.  This project is an important first step in ensuring that Manchester continues to provide a vibrant and meaningful space for its older residents, now and in the future.   

The goal of the survey:

 Your feedback in this survey will help the Town and consultants to learn about Manchester residents beyond the data and numbers. This survey will provide the Town and consultant with crucial information regarding the community’s opinion of the needs and priorities of older adults and is a very important component of the project. 

Our story:

The Town of Manchester has been providing Senior Center services to older adult residents since 1969.  Originally located in the building that currently houses the Town’s Youth Services Bureau, the Senior Center moved to its’ current location in 1980 as services and membership expanded.  This move was accomplished by an extensive renovation to the former Green School.  The 1980 renovation was the last major building project undertaken to meet the needs of older residents in Manchester.  In the 40+ years since the opening of the Senior Center on East Middle Turnpike, many services have been added and expanded.  The current campus has three floors (two contain spaces for public use) as well as an outdoor senior community garden, bocce courts, and a greenhouse.  The Greenhouse and bocce courts are in need of repair and/or renovation.  The Senior Center building is also designated as the Town of Manchester’s emergency shelter.  Supplies and equipment for this purpose are stored on the third floor.

The services provided to the older residents of Manchester fall into three main categories – Leisure and Fitness, Health & Wellness, and Social Services.  In addition, the Senior Center offers a transportation program and a meal program.  Currently, there are over 45 Leisure and Fitness programs including fitness classes, yoga, Tai Chi, Bingo, card games of all types, and Book Group.  Health and Wellness programs include foot care, weekly blood pressure, and medication management clinic, ECHN physician visits, and health education programs such as Diabetes prevention and management, living with chronic conditions, and a well-attended bi-annual Senior Health Fair.  Social Services offered to include individual client counseling and assessment, government benefits counseling, and assistance with personal income tax preparation as well as educational programs on topics such as Medicare/Medicaid, wills and probate, and Part D prescription plans.  Health, Social Services, and Recreation staff collaborate on several small group programs that include Men’s Group, Women’s Group, and the Senior Circle.  These small group programs aim to welcome new members to the Center, reduce social isolation, and foster continued independence in the community.

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