Water Main Cleaning Schedule

The cleaning program will begin at 7:15 a.m. each day and continue till 3:00 p.m. To ensure the clarity of the water in your home, you should refrain from water usage during the time when we are flushing in your area. However, if discolored water enters your home, avoid using it if possible until it clears. It may be necessary to wait until after the cleaning is done at 3:00 p.m. in your area before the water clears.

If discolored water enters your home it may be necessary to run the cold water at each faucet until it clears. This should be done one faucet at a time. Once the water has cleared in your cold water, your hot water should also be flushed in a similar manner. If the hot water runs discolored, it may also be necessary to flush out the sediment in your hot water tank. To flush the sediment out of the tank, open the drain valve on the bottom of the tank and run the water until it clears.

If a load of wash is done during the period of discolored water, the load should be kept wet and rewash again after the water clears. Four ounces of cream of tartar should be added to help remove any discoloration of the clothing.

It normally takes a few hours for the water to clear once it becomes discolored. If water appears discolored for an extended period, please call the Water Division at (860) 647-3201. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.


Ash St., Arvine Pl., Braeside Crescent, Briarwood Dr., Cantone Cir., Carriage Dr., Cheney La., Comstock Rd., Coughlin Rd., Covenant Dr., Curry La., Dartmouth Rd., Diane Dr., Erie St., Farm Dr., Folly Brook La., Frances Dr., Frechette Cir., Garden Grove Rd., Gardner St., Grant Farm Rd., Hackmatack St., Harvest La., Heather La., Hercules Dr., Huckleberry Rd., Judith Dr., Keeney St., Lamplighter Dr., Ledgecrest Ter., Leland Dr., Lewis St., Linwood Dr., Longview Dr., Mayfield Rd., Mulberry La., Niles Dr., Northview Way, Norwood St., Nutmeg Dr., Paula La., Plano Pl., Primer Rd., Prospect St., Rogers Pl., Saddlehill Rd., Silk Ter., Skyview Ter., South Farms Dr., Spring St., Strawberry La., Sunny Brook Dr., Sunset St., Thayer Rd., Tuck Rd., Valley View Rd., Village St., Walek Farms Rd., Warren St.

April 19 – April 23: Academy St., Andor Rd., Ansaldi Rd., Ardmore Rd., Ashworth St., Autumn St., Battista Rd., Benton St., Birch St., Bissell St., Branford St., Brookfield St., Byron Rd., Charter Oak St., Clinton St., Coburn Rd., Cone St., Cromwell St., Dougan’s Alley, Durkin St., Earl St., East Center St., Eldridge St., Florence St., Franklin St., Gardner St., Gardner St. West, Gerard St., Glenwood St., Goodwin St., Green Hill St., Hamlin St., Harrison St., Holl St., Kane Rd., Kensington St., Knighton St., Lancaster Rd., Lenox St., Lindman St., Lyndale St., Maple St., Marshall Rd., Middle Turnpike East, Munro St., Norman St., Nye St., Oak St., Parker St., Pearl St., Philip Rd., Pitkin St., Porter St., Putnam St., Scarborough Rd., School St., Spruce St., Stephen St., Sycamore La., Teresa Rd., View St., Virginia Rd., Wadsworth St. East, Walker St., Wellington Rd., Wells St., Westminster Rd.

April 26 – April 30: Alpine Dr., American Legion Dr., Anderson St., Arch St., Armory St., Beech St., Bigelow St., Birch St., Bissell St., Bow St., Brainard Pl., Cedar St., Center St., Charter Oak St., Chestnut St., Church St., Cooper Hill St., Cooper St., Cottage St., Division St., East Center St., Edgerton Pl., Edgerton St., Eldridge St., Elm St., Elm Ter., Elro St., Flower St., Ford St., Forest St., Foster St., Garden Dr., Garden St., Gorman Pl., Guard St., Hall Ct., Hartford Rd., Hawley St., Haynes St., Hazel St., Hemlock St., High St., Hunniford St., Huntington St., Jackson St., Johnson Ter., Knox St., Laurel Pl., Laurel St., Liberty St., Lilley St., Linden St., Locust St., Lodge Dr., Madison St., Main St., Maple St., Middle Tpke. East, Middle Tpke. West, Myrtle St., New St., Newman St., Oak Pl., Oak St., Orchard St., Otis St., Park St., Pearl St., Perrett Pl., Pine St., Pleasant St., Purnell Pl., Ridge St., Rosemary Pl., Russell St., School St., Spruce St., St. James St., Strant St., Summit St., Trotter St., Valley St., Wadsworth St., Walnut St., Wells St., Winter St.

May 3 – May 7: Asylum St., Auburn Rd., Avondale Rd., Berkley St., Bliss St., Bond St., Bowers St., Buckingham St., Cambridge St., Charles Dr., Clifton St., Cole St., Delmont St., Doane St., Earl St., Farmington St., Green Rd., Grove St., Harlan St., Harvard Rd., Henry St., Hillside St., Hollister St., Hudson St., Jensen St., Jordt St., Main St., Middle Tpke. East, Middle Tpke. West, North Elm St., Oakwood Rd., Oxford St., Parker St., Phelps Rd., Pine Hill St., Princeton St., Radding St., Robin Rd., Sherwood Circle, Starkweather St., Sterling Pl., Strickland St., Summit St., Tanner St., Washington St., Wellesley Rd., White St., William St., Woodbridge St.

May 10 – May 14: Apel Pl., Ambassador Dr., Barry Rd., Beacon St., Bent St., Bishop Dr., Bonner Rd., Bretton Rd.,Centerfield St., Charis Rd., Clyde Rd., Coleman Rd., Colonial Rd., Cushman Dr., Dearborn Dr., Dorothy Rd., Eastfield St., Elvree St., Esquire Dr., Fenwick Rd., Flag Dr., Gleason St., Grissom Rd., Hamilton Dr., Helaine Rd., Jamie La., Karen Dr., Kennedy Rd., Lexington Dr., Lydall St., Marjorie La., Mark La., Mather St., Mill St., Mitchell Dr., Montclair Dr., Northfield St., Oakland St., Oakland Ter., Parker St., Progress Dr., Rachel Rd., Richmond Dr., Sandra Dr., Sanrico Dr., Scott Dr., Sheldon Rd., Shepard Dr., South St., Taylor St., Thistle Rd., Tolland Tpke., Tracy Dr., Tudor La., Utopia Rd., Vernon St. (Lydall to Richmond), Westfield St., Willard Rd., Woodbridge St.

May 17 – May 21: Amanda Dr., Avery St., Baldwin Rd., Benjamin Dr., Birch Mountain Rd., Brookside Ct., Brookview Cir., Bryan Dr., Buckland Hills Dr., Camp Meeting Rd., Candlewood Dr., Carman Rd., Carter St., Carter St. West, Case Mountain Rd., Cat Tail Lane, Catherine’s Way, Concord Rd., Cornwall Dr., Deming St., Dennison Ridge Dr., Donahue La., Edward St., Elberta Rd., Falls View Road, Golway St., Goodhill Rd. in South Windsor, Hale Rd., Hale Rd. Ext., High Ledge Cir., Highland St., Horizon Way, Jefferson St., Jeffrey Alan Dr., Jennifer’s Way, Jenny Cliff, John Olds Dr., Katherine St., Kenwood St., Kerry St., Kristyn Cir., Laurel Ter., Lisa Dr., Macintosh St., Nolan Cir., North Main St., North School St., North St., Pavilions Dr., Pond La., Rosetto Dr., Slater St., Somerset Dr., Tolland Tpke., Trails End Rd, Union Ct., Union Pl., Union St. (east side), Wood La.

Find this schedule on the Water and Sewer page.

The following is a tentative schedule May 24, 2021 through July 2, 2021:

May 24 – May 28: Aaron Dr., Bella Vista La., Bobby La., Brendan Rd., Bruce Rd., Clover La., Cobb Hill Rd., Country Club Dr., Duncan Rd., Emily La., Faith Cir., Fern St., Garden Grove Rd., Gardner St., Gerald Dr., Glen Rd., Hampton Dr., Haystack Rd., Hercules Dr., Hillcrest Rd., Holyoke Rd, Jacqueline Dr., Joyce La., Keeney St., Kingswood Dr., Lakewood Circle North, Lakewood Circle South, Lenti Dr., Lexi Dr., Line St., Lookout Mountain Dr., Markwood La., Master’s Way, Phyllis Rd., Reed Dr., Shallowbrook La., South Main St., Spring St., Spring St. Ext., Steeplechase Dr., Sunrise Dr., Tam Rd., Timber Trail, Timrod Rd., Tonica Spring Trail, West Gerald Dr., all of Glastonbury

June 1 – June 4: Abigail Cir., Adelaide Rd., Arnott Rd., Ashworth St., Autumn St., Boulder Rd., Butternut Rd., Castle Hill, Chilstone La., Coburn Rd., Colling Ridge Dr., Cook St., Dale Rd., Dresher Rd., East Center St., East Eldridge St., East Maple St., Elwood Rd., Ferguson Rd., Garth Rd., Gerard St., Grandview St., Hickory La., Highland St., Highwood Dr., Jean Rd., Kensington St., Livingston Way, Louise La., Ludlow Rd., Meadow La., Middle Tpke. East, Mountain Rd., Oak Grove St., Oak St. (Autumn to Grandview), Parson’s Ct., Patriot La., Pilgrim La., Pitkin St., Plymouth La., Porter St., Raymond Rd., Richard Rd., Ridgefield St., Riverside Dr., Robert Rd., Steep Hollow La., Stephanies Way, Trevor Ct., Waranoke Rd., Welcome Pl., Wellman Rd., Wyllys St.

June 7 – June 11: Agnes Dr., Alice Dr., Amherst Dr., Arcellia Dr., Barry Rd., Bentley Dr., Bridle Path La., Carpenter Rd., Chatham Dr., Cliffside Dr., Colgate Dr., Columbia Dr., Constance Dr., Conway Rd., Crosby Rd., Deer Run Trl., Denver Rd., Dorset La., Duke Rd., Elizabeth Dr., Ellen La., Elsie Dr., Eva Dr., Exeter Ct., Green Manor Rd., Greenwood Dr., Hamilton Dr., Hilltop Dr., Ivy Dr., Kennedy Rd., Kent Dr., Knollwood Rd., Lawton Rd., Leo J. La., Level Rd., Lydall St., Lyme Rd., Lynch Dr., Marion Dr., McDivitt Dr., Meadowbrook Dr., Middle Tpke. East, Milford Rd., Plaza Dr., Quaker Rd., Richmond Dr., Sage Dr., Sanford Rd., Sass Dr., Saulters Rd., St. Paul Dr., Stanford Dr., Steele Farm Dr., Taylor St., Transit La., Tufts Dr., Vernon St., Vernon St. West, Weaver Rd., Wildwood Dr., Willard Rd., Woodbridge St., Woodstock Dr., Yale Dr.

June 14 – June 17: Adams St., Batson Dr., Bilyeu St., Botticello Dr., Brentwood Dr., Broad St., Buckland St., Burnham St., Burnham St. Ext., Canterbury St., Carolyn Dr., Chapel Rd. , Chapel St., Cherry Cir., Clearview Ter., Commerce Rd., Croft Dr., Cumberland St., Depot St., Dogwood Ln., Drexel Dr., Electric St., Fleming Rd., Gear Dr., Griffin Rd., Hilliard St., John Dr., Kathleen Way, Loomis St., Main St., Marble St., Margaret Rd., Mary Dr., McCabe St., New State Rd., North Main St., Oak Forest Dr., Pleasant Valley Rd., Redstone Rd., Regent St., Stock Pl., Tolland Tpke., Union St. (west side), Westerly St., Windsor St., Woodland St.

June 21 – June 25: Adams St., Alexander St., Alton St., Alton St. South, Ashland St., Bates Rd., Bolton St., Brent Rd., Broad St., Butler Rd, Cambridge St., Carroll Dr., Castle Rd., Center St., Chambers St., Columbus St., Congress St., Coventry St., Crescent St., Crestwood Dr., Deepwood Dr., Deerfield Dr., Devon Dr., Dover Rd., Durant St., Duval St., Edison Rd., Edmund St., Englewood Dr., Essex St., Evergreen Rd., Fairview St., Ferndale Dr., Fleming Rd., Foxcroft Dr., Frederick Rd., French Rd., Fulton Rd., Grant Rd., Griswold St., Hartland Rd., Hawthorne St., Hawthorne St. South, Hendee Rd., Hilliard St., Hoffman Rd., Homestead St., Horton Rd., Irving St., Jarvis Rd., Joseph St., Lilac St., Lincoln St., Linnmore Dr., Little St., Lockwood St., Middle Tpke. West, Morse Rd., New State Rd., Olcott Dr., Oliver Rd., Oxford St., Penn Rd., Perkins St., Ridgewood St., Roosevelt St., Salem Rd., Schaller Rd., Seymour St., St, John St., St. Lawrence St., Stone St., Strickland St., Strong St., Tower Rd., Trumbull St., Turnbull Rd., Wedgewood Dr., Whitney Rd., Windemere St., Woodhill Rd., Woodland St.

June 28 – July 2: Adams St., Adams St. South, Ann St., Avon St., Bank St., Bidwell St., Bluefield Dr., Bremen Rd., Bridge St., Bunce Dr., Campfield Rd., Carol Dr., Carver La., Case Dr., Center St., Chalmers St., Channing Dr., Chester Dr., Coolidge St., Cooper St., Cooper Hill St., Cornell St., Cougar Dr., Courtland St., Cross St., Cyr Dr., Dougherty St., Dudley St., Emerson St., Ensign St., Fairfield St., Fairview St., Falknor Dr., Flint Dr., Foley St., Goslee Dr., Greenfarms La., Harding St., Hartford Rd., Hathaway La., Henderson Rd., High St., Hillstown Rd., Horace St., House Rd., Hyde St., Imperial Dr., Keeney St., Landfill Way, Litchfield St., Love La., Lucian St., Lyness St., Maxwell St., McCann Dr., McGuire Dr., McKee St., McKinley St., Middlefield St., Moore St., North Fairfield St., O’Leary Dr., Olcott St. West, Olcott St., Oval La., Overland St., Packard St., Palm St., Pascal La., Peila Dr., Pioneer Cir., Portland St., Preston Dr., Proctor Rd., Queens Ct., Ramey Dr., Ruby Dr., Seaman Cir., Server St., Short St., Spencer St., Star Farms Dr., Summer St., Thomas Dr., Thompson Rd., Thrall Rd., Trebbe Dr., Tyler Cir., Victoria Rd., Waddell Rd., Walnut St., West Center St. , West St., Westwood St., Wetherell St., Wilfred Rd., Wilson Way, Woodside St.

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