Notice from the Manchester Road Race

Notice from The Manchester Road Race Committee

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the Manchester Road Race will not be holding its annual Thanksgiving Day event. In place of the traditional event hosted by the Manchester Road Race Committee, a Virtual Manchester Road Race (VMRR) event will be held from November 19th to November 25th.Participants must register and download the Manchester Road Race app to run in the virtual event.

Register for the Virtual Manchester Road Race here. If you have questions or need additional information about the Virtual Manchester Road Race click here.

The traditional 4.748-mile race route will not be closed to traffic at any time during Thanksgiving week or on Thanksgiving Day nor will the usual public safety precautions be in place.

Please choose another safe running route such as one of those listed below. A couple of Manchester park and trail locations to run the 4.748-mile race include:

  • Charter Oak Park (Entry to the East Coast Greenway) – Charter Oak St.
  • Center Springs Walking Path – 39 Lodge Drive
  • Case Mountain – 640 Spring Street
  • Cheney Rail Trail – 39 Lodge Drive
  • Cricket Field Perimeter Path – Robertson Park


For more information on directions and locations of local Manchester trails, please visit: ​Manchester Trails Guide


The Manchester Health Department reminds the community of Manchester’s “Red Alert” and encourages residents to continue to practice safe social distancing, wearing a mask, and staying home if feeling sick. For more information about staying safe and healthy, please visit: ​


For questions please visit: ​


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