Manchester Hires New Deputy Director of Public Works

MANCHESTER, CT- The Town of Manchester is proud to announce the selection of Courtney Lindberg as the Deputy Director of Public Works for Sustainability and Materials Management.

“We are tremendously excited for Courtney to join our team in Manchester,” said Deputy General Manager Steve Stephanou. “Her skills and experience will serve our community well as we continue to work to ensure Manchester’s long-term environmental, social, and economic resiliency.”

As the Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works for Sustainability and Materials Management, Ms. Lindberg will oversee the administration and operation of the Town of Manchester materials management operations, landfill, refuse collection, recycling, composting, and waste disposal programs.

“Courtney will lead the Town’s energy and sustainability programs and initiatives,” said Director of Public Works, Tim Bockus.“While based in the Public Works Department, she will work across the Town organization to help Manchester achieve a vision of becoming a fully sustainable community, or one that utilizes environmental, human, and economic resources to meet both present needs and those of future generations.”

Ms. Lindberg joins the Town of Manchester from Cumming Management Group in Los Angeles California, where she served as National Business Development Manager for Energy + Sustainability. At Cummings, she led a strategic business growth plan to expand the companies Energy and Sustainability Services to reach all 35 nationwide and international office locations.

Previously she served the City of Ventura, California as Director of the City’s Environmental Sustainability Division, where she developed and enhanced environmental sustainability efforts throughout the city. Under Courtney’s leadership, Ventura implemented a wide variety of successful programs, both internally through interdepartmental projects and programs, and externally, through business inclusion and recognition programs, residential awareness campaigns, and a highly proactive and recognized school outreach program. Before her position with the City of Ventura, she was a supervisor on the environmental contract at NASA Johnson Space Center and oversaw all environmental sustainability-related projects on site, including solid waste and recycling programs, green purchasing, outreach, and education.

“The Manchester community is clearly committed to issues of sustainability and long term environmental, economic, and social viability,” said Lindberg. “I am thrilled to be joining the Town of Manchester and look forward to building partnerships with Town and community stakeholders in order to ensure that Manchester remains a thriving, efficient, healthy, and vibrant place for its residents of today and tomorrow.”

The Deputy Director for Sustainability and Materials Management will work closely with the Town’s newly formed Sustainability Commission. The establishment of a permanent Sustainability Commission and the creation of the Deputy Director position were based on recommendations of the Town’s Sustainability Task Force and approved by the Board of Directors in 2020. Ms. Lindberg holds a B.A. in Communications from the University of Rhode Island and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from Oregon State University. Her official start date is November 30th, 2020.

Contact: Steve Stephanou, Deputy General Manager, 860.647.3123

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