Manchester Heralds Free to Browse

The Manchester Historical Society announces free online access to over 100 years of Manchester Heralds for the public to use for research, genealogy, and browsing for names of family members, former neighbors, businesses, etc. The Herald covered surrounding towns as well as Manchester. It was published from 1881 to 1991. 

The link to the digitized archive is on the home page of the Manchester Historical Society: – look for the square that says “Manchester Newspapers” near the top center. Individual editions can be searched, using your computer’s search box, and some cross-edition searching is available.

The co-leaders of the project, Noreen Palladino Cullen and Susan Barlow said, “We are grateful to all of the donors who made this project possible, including the Manchester Sports Hall of Fame; the Herbert and Louise Whitney Fund Community Preservation Grant Program of Historic New England; and Cruisin’ on Main. Individuals, nearly 200 of them, including Historical Society members and many participants in the Grew Up in Manchester Facebook page, donated the bulk of the $15,000 that we paid to the digitizing service. Major thanks go to Jim Hall, a dedicated volunteer, who set up calendars on the website so viewers can find their way through the years, months, and days of the editions. Thanks to our testers, who reviewed the editions for accuracy of dates. Dave Smith, the Society’s curator, contributed to this complex, two-year project, by finding and categorizing microfilm, and supporting the project from start to finish.”

We are opening the archive to the public despite some missing editions (particularly 1881-1917) and despite some flaws, such as double editions in one PDF file that may slow down loading time. We are eager to find missing editions (phone the Society at 860-647-9983 with info).

Everyone is welcome to use this archive. It is a resource like no other and a gift both now and for generations to come.

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