Spring Water Main Cleaning 2020 Schedule

Fire Hydrant being drained for cleaning

To provide the Town of Manchester’s water customers with the best possible quality of water, we will be cleaning water mains from June 8, 2020 through June 26, 2020. The cleaning is done to remove sediment in the pipe that has accumulated.

The flushing schedule has been modified as the result of the pandemic. This area was selected to start the program since it is supplied by well water and doesn’t present problems with the lack of precipitation. The time frame for flushing the rest of the system will be evaluated based on our reservoir capacity and demands during the summer. Once the schedule has been established we will issue another notification.

June8–June12: Adams St., Batson Dr., Bilyeu St., Botticello Dr., Brentwood Dr., Broad St., Buckland St., Burnham St., Burnham St. Ext., Canterbury St., Carolyn Dr., Chapel Rd. , Chapel St., Cherry Cir., Clearview Ter., Commerce Rd., Croft Dr., Cumberland St., Depot St., DogwoodLn., Drexel Dr., Electric St., Fleming Rd., Gear Dr., Griffin Rd., Hilliard St., John Dr., Kathleen Way, Loomis St., Main St., Marble St., Margaret Rd., Mary Dr., McCabe St., New State Rd., North Main St., Oak Forest Dr., Pleasant Valley Rd., Redstone Rd., Regent St., Stock Pl., Tolland Tpke., Union St. (west side), Westerly St., Windsor St., Woodland St.

June15–June19: Adams St., Alexander St., Alton St., Alton St. South, Ashland St., Bates Rd., Bolton St., Brent Rd., Broad St., Butler Rd, Cambridge St., Carroll Dr., Castle Rd., Center St., Chambers St., Columbus St., Congress St., Coventry St., Crescent St., Crestwood Dr., Deepwood Dr., Deerfield Dr., Devon Dr., Dover Rd., Durant St., Duval St., Edison Rd., Edmund St., Englewood Dr., Essex St., Evergreen Rd., Fairview St., Ferndale Dr., Fleming Rd., Foxcroft Dr., Frederick Rd., French Rd., Fulton Rd., Grant Rd., Griswold St., Hartland Rd., Hawthorne St., Hawthorne St. South, Hendee Rd., Hilliard St., Hoffman Rd., Homestead St., Horton Rd., Irving St., Jarvis Rd., Joseph St., Lilac St., Lincoln St., Linnmore Dr., Little St., Lockwood St., Middle Tpke. West, Morse Rd., New State Rd., Olcott Dr., Oliver Rd., Oxford St., Penn Rd., Perkins St., Ridgewood St., Roosevelt St., Salem Rd., Schaller Rd., Seymour St., St, John St., St. Lawrence St., Stone St., Strickland St., Strong St., Tower Rd., Trumbull St., Turnbull Rd., Wedgewood Dr., Whitney Rd., Windemere St., Woodhill Rd., Woodland St.

June22–June26: Adams St., Adams St. South, Ann St., Avon St., Bank St., Bidwell St., Bluefield Dr., Bremen Rd., Bridge St., Bunce Dr., Campfield Rd., Carol Dr., Carver La., Case Dr., Center St., Chalmers St., Channing Dr., Chester Dr., Coolidge St., Cooper St., Cooper Hill St., Cornell St., Cougar Dr., Courtland St., Cross St., Cyr Dr., Dougherty St., Dudley St., Emerson St., Ensign St., Fairfield St., Fairview St., Falknor Dr., Flint Dr., Foley St., Goslee Dr., Greenfarms La., Harding St., Hartford Rd., Hathaway La., Henderson Rd., High St., Hillstown Rd., Horace St., House Rd., Hyde St., Imperial Dr., Keeney St., Landfill Way, Litchfield St., Love La., Lucian St., Lyness St., Maxwell St., McCann Dr., McGuire Dr., McKee St., McKinley St., Middlefield St., Moore St., North Fairfield St., O’Leary Dr., Olcott St. West, Olcott St., Oval La., Overland St., Packard St., Palm St., Pascal La., Peila Dr., Pioneer Cir., Portland St., Preston Dr., Proctor Rd., Queens Ct., Ramey Dr., Ruby Dr., Seaman Cir., Server St., Short St., Spencer St., Star Farms Dr., Summer St., Thomas Dr., Thompson Rd., Thrall Rd., Trebbe Dr., Tyler Cir., Victoria Rd., Waddell Rd., Walnut St., West Center St. , West St., Westwood St., Wetherell St., Wilfred Rd., Wilson Way, Woodside St.

This schedule will also be published on our website under the Town of Manchester Water and Sewer Department’s Customer Service tab.

The cleaning program will begin at 7:15 a.m. each day and continue till 3:00 p.m. To ensure the clarity of the water in your home, you should refrain from water usage during the time when we are flushing in your area. However, if discolored water enters your home, avoid using it if possible until it clears. It may be necessary to wait until after the cleaning is done at 3:00 p.m. in your area before the water clears.

If discolored water enters your home it may be necessary to run the cold water at each faucet until it clears. This should be done one faucet at a time. Once the water has cleared in your cold water, your hot water should also be flushed in a similar manner. If the hot water runs discolored, it may also be necessary to flush out the sediment in your hot water tank. To flush the sediment out of the tank, open the drain valve on the bottom of the tank and run the water until it clears.

If a load of wash is done during the period of discolored water, the load should be kept wet and rewash again after the water clears. Four ounces of cream of tartar should be added to help remove any discoloration of the clothing.

It normally takes a few hours for the water to clear once it becomes discolored. If water appears discolored for an extended period, please call the Water Division at (860) 647-3201 or after hours (860) 647-3111. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.

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