The Happiness Lab

My morning and evening walks are often preoccupying. I find that as I walk mind races with negative thoughts about what is happening with Covid-19. Listening to podcasts helps to distract though worrisome thoughts. One of my favorite discoveries is the Happiness Lab. It is an extraordinarily helpful podcast presented by Dr. Laura Santos, a Yale psychologist professor. The podcast is based off an in person and online course about Happiness. Two things I would suggest for those that might want to engage. The first is Dr. Santos is doing a special podcast specifically around the Coronavirus crisis. She relies on science based facts and consults specialist to help listeners explore our feelings and provides resources that are helpful. Some topics she covers: Beat Your Isolation  loneliness, Calm Can Be Contagious; Rising to a Challenge. The second suggestion is enrolling in her FREE on-line course on happiness. It is The Science of Well-Being. It is a 10-week course, each lesson is about 2 hours to complete. The course has received outstanding reviews. With extra time some of us have on our hands, this could be a fascinating exploration. In looking through lessons, it seems appropriate for high school aged youth and older. Hey and if you complete the course, you can say you studied at Yale University!

Check out more on the Happiness Lab Podcast or more on The Science of Well Being.

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