My Ridiculous Co-Workers

I got to work today and immediately people started complaining that they were hungry. I offered to get them something to eat in our shared kitchen and even hand delivered it; don’t worry, I washed my hands first and threw it to them from six feet away. They each looked down at their meals, looked up at me, and then proceeded to tell me that they actually weren’t that hungry.

I decided that in these hard times everyone is stressed and it is my job to be professional and keep it together. I smiled, took a deep breath, and went back to work at my desk. Next thing I know both of them are screaming at each other over a pencil. Yes, that’s right – a pencil. I said, “Hey, Hey, Hey. Take it easy. I have another pencil right here. Take it. ” Do you know that these people threw BOTH pencils RIGHT at my face?!

I mean I know I birthed them and all, but this working from home thing is getting ridiculous.

kid coloring

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