Good, Better, Rest...

Did you know? Shepherds in medieval Britain were expected to count their sheep every evening, before they went to sleep. Nowadays, I have to imagine fluffy white cartoon lambs if I want to try counting sheep to help me fall asleep. It never works for me.

I think the reason is doesn’t work is: Sheep are are not what concerns me. What concerns me is: Do I have enough toilet paper in the house? Did I pay that light bill? Did my son finish his school work? When will this pandemic end?

These thoughts keep me tossing and turning, even when I’m exhausted. Here’s something that does seem to help: I keep a ‘worry list’ by my bed. When I start to get anxious about something as I’m trying to sleep, I jot down what’s bothering me on the list. It’s a way of easing and calming my brain. And here’s a bonus: When I look at the list the next day, I often find that the worries don’t seem as bad—when I have a good night’s sleep under my belt. Check out this great graphic with a few Sleep Hygiene Tips!

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