Forward to the Past

Dear Diary,

Today my mad scientist friend accidentally sent me to 1985 in her time-traveling Corvette. I wanted to go visit my parents right away, but thought that might get a little weird and decided against it. I stopped the first person I saw and tried to warn the elderly man of the dangers of the future! I explained many things, including the COVID-19 global pandemic.

I let him know that everyone is being told to stay at home to try to stop the spread of a highly contagious and, in some cases, fatal virus. I also went into details about having to wear a mask out in public (which totally fogs up my sunnies) to try to protect others from my own potential germs and not getting together into large groups because you never know who could be a carrier.

The man seemed to listen intently and nodded as I spoke. I went on to describe the rallies that were starting as well because people felt like their freedoms were being taken away by the government and they really needed haircuts. He was silent and seemed to be in shock, so I asked if he was listening to me.

He replied, “So you’re telling me you came 35 years into the past to tell me that not only has nobody learned from past mistakes, but that people are protesting about haircuts?! Miss, I have lived through WWI, Spanish Flu, the Great Depression, WWII and the Civil Rights Movement among many other things. Why don’t you travel back in time a bit further to put things into perspective?”

I huffed and I puffed and I said to the man, “How DARE you sir. My roots are starting to grow out; don’t tell ME about struggle!”

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