The Town’s most recent mural installation at Mahoney Center pays homage to the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. with a large scale, multi-color portrait of the historic leader of the civil rights movement. Since the mural’s completion on MLK Jr. Day this past January, there has been a great outpouring of public support for the art piece and a call for additional art murals in town.
If you’ve read any of Tim Ferriss’ recent books or listened to his podcast, you’ll know fear setting is a common motif. It’s a concept he explores with many of his podcast guests. Ferris credits the fear-setting exercise as one of the main reasons he’s been able to thrive in high stress environments.
R. Alan Brooks discusses his struggle to pursue art when faced with forces that wanted him to be more practical. Little did they know... Read More!
This is the third entry in a three-part series entitled How a Pandemic Changed Learning, which is focused on how COVID-19 has impacted local schools and how the affected have adapted to overcome new challenges. The series will focus on three of the most heavily-impacted groups in our schools: teachers, students & their parents. Read More!
Are you still trying to start off your New Year’s resolution? Are you looking for a quiet and safe setting to work out in? Do you have questions on how to start a workout plan? Well, here at the Community Y Fitness Center we can make all of these accommodations for you.
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