With fitness classes canceled and gyms closed down, what is one to do for movement? How about a quarantine challenge?
As a new father I'm happy to say that unlike every other guy that has taken on this great journey before me, I have not let it affect my normal fitness routine. Lies. Every word of it. Most days I'm happy to have put on pants before my third cup of coffee.
Having to change a diaper during work hours (unless your job is to change diapers in which case…carry on) and not even getting hazard pay for it.... Carrying out duties for two full time jobs simultaneously. No pun intended with the duties..... Having to prepare everyone’s meals and then on top of it being verbally accosted for cutting someone’s food in the wrong shape; squares apparently taste different than triangles.
Did you know? Shepherds in medieval Britain were expected to count their sheep every evening, before they went to sleep. Nowadays, I have to imagine fluffy white cartoon lambs if I want to try counting sheep to help me fall asleep. It never works for me.
A great activity for the whole family is grabbing good old fashioned chalk to decorate the driveway. There are so many possibilities with a box of chalk.
My morning and evening walks are often preoccupying. I find that as I walk mind races with negative thoughts about what is happening with Covid-19. Listening to podcasts helps to distract though worrisome thoughts. One of my favorite discoveries is the Happiness Lab.
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